Nov 30 2018

Best Online Hockey Games

Hockey is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports on the planet. It is a fun game to play and watch. This team sport is fast-paced from the slap shots to the game pace to the players. Additionally, the players have the ability to control the game – they can slow it down, speed it up or shake things up with big hits or fights – making it even more entertaining.

If you’re looking to start playing hockey, here are some of the best online hockey games to try out.

1. Hockey Fury

Hockey Fury is a new two-player online ice hockey game. You can play against the computer or against another player. With this game, you get to pick a difficulty level, choose a player from one of the top-ranked national hockey teams and start playing.

The controls are easy and intuitive – you move with the arrow keys on your keyboard and shoot with your left mouse button. The game features a fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and smooth animations that offer a great gaming experience.

2. ManagerZone

ManagerZone is an online manager game that gives you the opportunity to manage your club in a multiplayer environment. As a hockey team manager, you are tasked with making financial decisions, training members of your club and drafting players.

You can become a member of the Managers Federation and contribute to The Zone, ManagerZone’s online newspaper created by other managers. You can also vote in national coach elections and even nominate yourself for the position.

3. Hockey Legends

This is another fun online hockey game to play. Its gameplay is simple – all you have to do is move your character around the hockey rink and attempt to score. You can tackle your opponent, steal the puck from them and pull off a shot.
The game has two modes – two-player mode and championship mode.

These are just some of the best online hockey games you may want to try out. It’s worth mentioning that they do not have mobile apps. However, you can play them on either a computer or a mobile device.

Oct 16 2017

Card Games Online

There are many card games that you can play online these days. One for example is Texas Hold’em poker, the most popular variant of the game.

First things first, for novices, it’s important to understand the rules of Texas Hold’em. It’s a good idea to pick a four-colour deck option if you can, especially if you’re playing online. This is to avoid the possibility of confusing one suit for another, which can definitely happen in the frantic pace of an online game. It only takes a few clicks on the Internet for you to get tips for playing online and brush up fully on the rules. Save yourself potential embarrassment and financial losses now by taking a little time to fully become familiar with the rules before you dive in. Even if you’re an experienced Texas Hold’em player, it can be very easy to get excited when playing and go all in with a great looking hand, but seasoned players will tell you it’s advisable often to be patient and wait for higher value cards. This way, you’ll be more likely to reap in bigger profits in the long term.

Other card games you can play online include the majestic Gwent. This is essentially a collectible card game with a fantasy theme, by which the aim of the game is to win the board against your opponent by playing cards and spells. Similar, fantasy based card games include Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering.

As with any game that you’re playing for money, it’s important to know your limits. You should stick to an agreed amount that you can afford to lose and not buckle from it. If you do attempt to chase your losses, then this will only likely lead to a downward spiral and seriously hinder your profits in the long run.

Oct 3 2017

Top Rated Online Casino Games

The online casino world is full of exciting games with big prizes, enticing gaming action and all the charged up atmosphere that you would experience in a real casino. The online casino business is booming, with more and more online casinos popping up all the time. But, which games are the top rated online casino games? Here we take a look at the most popular online casino games available today.

Online Poker

The online poker community is huge, with millions of people from all over the globe sitting down at poker tables to try their hand at becoming a poker champion. Online poker websites work hard to create a real-life atmosphere, with players enjoying poker games at any time that they wish.

There is a rising trend with real dealers now operating at the poker tables, with players able to interact with real-life dealers through the online poker portal. This makes the experience even more like a traditional casino. You can learn poker hand probabilities by clicking here.


The slot machines are incredibly popular in real casinos, and this is also the case when it comes to online casino websites. These slots are so popular because they are easy to play, offer big cash prizes, and games are quick and exciting.

Slot machines have been created with themes, so there are machines that feature popular TV or Cartoon characters, as well as movie-themed slots, game show slots and much much more. These traditional games show that the classics have lasted the test of time. You can find out more here about classic casino games.

Casino Card Games

The card games that are played in casinos all around the world are just as popular online, with the likes of Baccarat and Blackjack being among the most popular online games. All the fun of the casino is enjoyed right on the computer screen, thanks to these popular online casino games.

Apr 13 2015

How to Start Your Own Gaming Company

The online casino and gambling industries are booming businesses, with the British sector of the market pulling in an impressive £6.3 million in gross gambling yield in the 2012-2013 fiscal year alone. If you’re interested in breaking into the market, you’ll need to do more than just have a vision for a unique and innovative gaming site; having your paperwork in order and developing a solid business plan will be essential for breaking into what is a very competitive field.

online gaming

Finding a Software Provider

There are several excellent gaming software providers on the market, with notable companies such as Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt all offering high-quality slots, betting software and card and table games. Ultimately, your choice may depend on operating costs for various providers – while smaller outfits may offer a better licensing fee for use of their games, major operators can command higher rates which could quickly eat into your profit margins. On the other hand, smaller companies often produce innovation games and betting software that could attract customers to your site as they look for new, exciting online gaming experiences.

Licensing and Regulation

Licensing is essential for your new online gaming company – without it, you won’t be able to market to your target audience. Many new operators choose to be licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which regulates online and land-based gaming for the country as well as for those who choose to offer gaming options to a wider European audience. By choosing to base your company in Malta, you can benefit from better tax rates, lower operating costs and a good reputation. You can get started with help from GTG Advocates, who provide a dedicated service for new operators that covers tax planning, licensing, technical set-ups and advice on the gambling laws of Malta.

After you’ve sorted your license and tax situation, you can then get started with what could one of the most rewarding business ventures available in today’s global gaming market.

Mar 23 2015

Best action games online

Here are four fun action games that you can play for free on the Internet if you have a few minutes to spare. Some are more blood thirsty than others, so take your pick and enjoy.

The Fairlyland Massacre

This game seems a little silly, but it somehow works and is fun to play. You get to use a chainsaw to kill fairytale creatures and to gain more power and level ups. This game is reminiscent of the chainsaw massacre movies.

Rawr Battle against corruption

This game is exiting because you get to train your own monster/animal. Practice fighting against the computer. You must protect the forest from being torn apart and become a hero.

Undead Highway

Here you get to kill zombies and use all sort of guns and see them explode. The game is easy to play, and the controls are easy to understand. Every time you get past a level, you get more weapons to use against the zombies.

Desert Fighter

Desert fighter looks very interesting. When reading the back story you can easily see yourself in the game. You may like the fact that the car looks old and rusty, but it still looks rough and tough with all its guns fitted on. The aim of the game is to drive around a desert shooting other cars and trucks. The controls are easy to handle with plenty of practice.

Mar 13 2015

Other Types of Online Games

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and end up only playing online games from a very small selection of what’s actually on offer in terms of gaming titles. For some online game players this is absolutely fine; however, for a far larger number of online gamers, variety and new gaming challenges are both welcome and required. To give you ideas, here are some of the best other types of online games beside flash games.

Massively Multiplayer RPG Games

Online multiplayer role playing games, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online, have tens of millions of regular players who come together to play in these fascinating and rewarding online role playing worlds. Before getting started with this type of online game, it is worth noting that they can be rather addictive and may take up more of your time than you expect. Furthermore, you will need to check you computer hardware before signing to ensure it is sufficiently powerful to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Casino Games

If you like the adrenaline high that comes from winning a bet, then you will be sure to love taking part in one of the many casino games available online. Practically every game type that can be found at an offline casino is available to play online.

Mar 4 2015

4 of the most popular slot games online

When you search for an online slot game, what do you look for? The best new graphics and software? Good payout percentages? Easy-to-use software? Here are some of the most popular slot games online, including games in various genres.

1. Iron Man 2

This slot game is based on the classic comic book, and features a progressive jackpot feature. Iron Man 2 is a game for fans of the comic book and movie franchise, and features the best new graphics and sound effects (both of which enhance game play), as well as a number of interactive features and bonus content.

2. Megafortune Dreams

This game is based around the lifestyles of the rich and famous, with symbols such as gold watches, champagne, and diamond rings. Megafortune Dreams is famous for crowning the largest millionaire in the history of online slot games, and includes various bonus features. Unlike land-based casino games, you will be able to play Megafortune Dreams from the comfort of your own home, and you won’t need to download any software onto your computer to be able to play the game.

3. Deal or No Deal

This game is based on the TV show Deal Or No Deal, and is one of the most popular online slot games on the internet. There are five reels, 20 paylines, and a progressive jackpot. The game is similar to the TV show in that you will generate bigger rewards the longer you hold out, and features the infamous black telephone which offers you prizes throughout the game.

4. Circus of Cash

This online slot game is based around a circus theme, and utilises the best graphics, music, and sound effects. There are 9 different bonuses, a progressive jackpot, and plenty of opportunities to win. Symbols include clowns, seals, and circus lions.

Mar 2 2015

Flash or HTML5

Develop in Flash or HTML5? Both platforms have their avid supporters who will tell you that their platform is the best for this reason or that, but is there a definitive answer?

The website FlashVsHTML thinks not, explaining the point by point advantages and disadvantages they found developing the same game for both platforms, and ultimately declaring them even. But there were some telling points made in that analysis, perhaps the most important of which being;


FlashVsHTML pointed out that Flash can find support in 99% of desktop browsers against 82% for HTML5, and that Flash Player 11 with stage3D technology has an 81% audience compared to HTML5/WebGL’s 53%. While this may look bad for HTML5 on the face of it, there are two important facts that need taking into account.

  • The Mobile Market — Flash is no longer supported on most mobile phone devices, and Adobe has discontinued support for older versions of Flash on mobile platforms. Mobile gaming is a huge market, and not being able to reach it is a serious problem for any developer considering Flash as a platform.
  • The Future — Adobe is discontinuing support for versions of Flash while HTML5 is a growing platform that is becoming increasingly standardised and implemented. While Flash may have the advantage now, that looks set to change.

Flash has all the advantages of an established platform with a strong user base, but it is outdated and dying at the edges. HTML5, while still finding its feet, is built for the technology as it exists now, not ten years ago. In short, all the arguments about ease of use or market penetration are short term. In the longer term, HTML5 is the way to go.