Nov 30 2018

Best Online Hockey Games

Hockey is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports on the planet. It is a fun game to play and watch. This team sport is fast-paced from the slap shots to the game pace to the players. Additionally, the players have the ability to control the game – they can slow it down, speed it up or shake things up with big hits or fights – making it even more entertaining.

If you’re looking to start playing hockey, here are some of the best online hockey games to try out.

1. Hockey Fury

Hockey Fury is a new two-player online ice hockey game. You can play against the computer or against another player. With this game, you get to pick a difficulty level, choose a player from one of the top-ranked national hockey teams and start playing.

The controls are easy and intuitive – you move with the arrow keys on your keyboard and shoot with your left mouse button. The game features a fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and smooth animations that offer a great gaming experience.

2. ManagerZone

ManagerZone is an online manager game that gives you the opportunity to manage your club in a multiplayer environment. As a hockey team manager, you are tasked with making financial decisions, training members of your club and drafting players.

You can become a member of the Managers Federation and contribute to The Zone, ManagerZone’s online newspaper created by other managers. You can also vote in national coach elections and even nominate yourself for the position.

3. Hockey Legends

This is another fun online hockey game to play. Its gameplay is simple – all you have to do is move your character around the hockey rink and attempt to score. You can tackle your opponent, steal the puck from them and pull off a shot.
The game has two modes – two-player mode and championship mode.

These are just some of the best online hockey games you may want to try out. It’s worth mentioning that they do not have mobile apps. However, you can play them on either a computer or a mobile device.

Mar 2 2015

Flash or HTML5

Develop in Flash or HTML5? Both platforms have their avid supporters who will tell you that their platform is the best for this reason or that, but is there a definitive answer?

The website FlashVsHTML thinks not, explaining the point by point advantages and disadvantages they found developing the same game for both platforms, and ultimately declaring them even. But there were some telling points made in that analysis, perhaps the most important of which being;


FlashVsHTML pointed out that Flash can find support in 99% of desktop browsers against 82% for HTML5, and that Flash Player 11 with stage3D technology has an 81% audience compared to HTML5/WebGL’s 53%. While this may look bad for HTML5 on the face of it, there are two important facts that need taking into account.

  • The Mobile Market — Flash is no longer supported on most mobile phone devices, and Adobe has discontinued support for older versions of Flash on mobile platforms. Mobile gaming is a huge market, and not being able to reach it is a serious problem for any developer considering Flash as a platform.
  • The Future — Adobe is discontinuing support for versions of Flash while HTML5 is a growing platform that is becoming increasingly standardised and implemented. While Flash may have the advantage now, that looks set to change.

Flash has all the advantages of an established platform with a strong user base, but it is outdated and dying at the edges. HTML5, while still finding its feet, is built for the technology as it exists now, not ten years ago. In short, all the arguments about ease of use or market penetration are short term. In the longer term, HTML5 is the way to go.