Best action games online

Here are four fun action games that you can play for free on the Internet if you have a few minutes to spare. Some are more blood thirsty than others, so take your pick and enjoy.

The Fairlyland Massacre

This game seems a little silly, but it somehow works and is fun to play. You get to use a chainsaw to kill fairytale creatures and to gain more power and level ups. This game is reminiscent of the chainsaw massacre movies.

Rawr Battle against corruption

This game is exiting because you get to train your own monster/animal. Practice fighting against the computer. You must protect the forest from being torn apart and become a hero.

Undead Highway

Here you get to kill zombies and use all sort of guns and see them explode. The game is easy to play, and the controls are easy to understand. Every time you get past a level, you get more weapons to use against the zombies.

Desert Fighter

Desert fighter looks very interesting. When reading the back story you can easily see yourself in the game. You may like the fact that the car looks old and rusty, but it still looks rough and tough with all its guns fitted on. The aim of the game is to drive around a desert shooting other cars and trucks. The controls are easy to handle with plenty of practice.